High rollers, also called whales or cheetahs, bet large amounts of money. High rollers get comps from casinos like free private jet transfers, limousine use, and the best suites.

Casinos love all gamblers, but they roll out the red carpet for high rollers because they have a larger bankroll, take more risks, and bet more money.

Understanding High Rollers and High Roller Casinos

If you have ever watched a Hollywood movie about casinos then you would have most certainly heard the term high roller at some point. The high rollers are like the VIP guests at the casinos, they are the ones with the really big bucks who love to take massive risks and bet really big amounts of money.

High rollers are often the most respected of all casino gamblers because they are really the ones that end up making the most revenue for the casino. In some instances the high roller will walk away with a ton of money that they won off the casino, but in most cases, almost inevitably, the casino will usually make a ton off of that high roller, and the many other high rollers that visit casinos.

High rollers are also known by another name in the casino industry, they are often referred to as whales. The term is quite apt as they are often larger than life and love to live that way.

The casinos will often entertain all sorts of whims that these high rollers have and will go out of their way to ensure that the high roller is happy and ready to gamble at their casino. This means all sorts of comps, complimentary meals and drinks, limo services, the best casino hotel suites and so on.

Online High Roller Casinos

Obviously the online casinos high rollers are a bit different and cannot work in the same way as the land based casinos do. The most obvious reason for this is the nature of the online casino world.

The online casino is by definition an entirely virtual world. The online casino gambler that wants to be, or is a high roller by a similar definition to the land based casino high rollers is treated a bit differently. So there aren’t any limo rides or free rooms and any other physical perks.

Online high rollers like to find online casinos that cater specifically to high roller games and these are generally the online high roller casinos you often see when you decide to look for cool online casinos. In a practical sense the games work in a similar way to the land based casino games, higher stakes and higher limits and a lot more risk.

Of course if you have the money and the guts then choosing to play at a high roller casino is definitely the way to go and while you are risking a lot more than the average Joe online casino player, you will certainly be making a great deal more if your luck happens to be in.

In business, it is very key to honour your most valuable clients, just so they can keep coming back to support your on-going establishment. These honours are afforded to the few chosen clients, who have proven validity to be considered elite. In the cut throat industry of casino gaming, this set of clientele is called the highrollers. It is almost a godly honour to be considered as such by your favourite gaming casino, what with the offers dished out to these honourables. These highrollers, sometimes called ‘whales’, are what most avid gamers aspire to be rated as.

This is not some small time gaming being done by the real highrollers, there is some serious wagering going on up there. In return, casinos go out of their way to make sure these clients are pampered and treated with utmost courtesy. It is usually to the casino’s benefit to ensure the best possible service and etiquette is afforded to the whale. If this client is well treated, enjoys the service and royalty feeling offered by the establishment, they most definitely will be back for more, with more bets to place.

Casinos offer some truly lavish perks for these said clients. Complimentary drinks are a basic, as these clients also get free stays in hotels, credit for play and some unimaginable goodies. These incentives have a huge dynamic amongst the specific casino staff. It is not uncommon to find the employees being encouraged to extend special honour to these clients, by being offered compensation for bringing and sometimes taking real good care of a highroller.

Online, the casinos normally have the highroller bonus perk as the biggest perk available, not surprisingly. At times they are granted the bigger share of comp points. Just by being considered amongst this exclusive group, they also get a personal manager to help manage their financials while they go on with their gaming endeavours...

Take a good look at the welcome bonuses on offer to the high roller in most casinos, then you will understand why being a high roller is considered a big deal in casino gaming.