Please read our privacy notice carefully

We are aware of the significance that you place on maintaining your privacy, and we hold the same high regard for it as you do. Our customers are required to register with us, give us a little bit of personal information, and some information regarding their gaming and promotional preferences before they can make use of our extensive range of services. But before we do that, please allow us to explain how we collect, maintain, and use the information you provide:

Data collection

The privacy policy that governs is applicable to any and all of the information that you submit during the registration process, via email, and in any other part of this website. You will be required to be a registered member of this website in order to make use of certain services that are made available on this website. You will be required to supply personal information during the registration process, including your name, email address, location, age, and other contact details. The process is quite straightforward and quick. In addition to this, you will be questioned using a multiple-choice format about the types of games and promotions that you prefer to participate in. This information is used by to gain a better understanding of your needs and wants so that we may provide an informational service that is both better and more efficient.

You will have the option, in certain parts of our website, to share content (such as news, articles, promotions, and so on) with the people in your immediate and extended family. In this section, we will ask you for the names of your contacts as well as their email addresses so that we can share our content on your behalf.

Users will be given the option to participate in our mailers, draws, and promotions whenever we either request or collect personally identifiable information from them. We will never send unsolicited material or referrals to you without first obtaining the appropriate authorization. Your profile page includes a simple checkbox that you can use to opt in or out of receiving our mailers at any time. A further commitment of ours is that we will never sell, distribute, or trade in any way, in whole or in part, any of the information that is provided to us by any of our visitors and members.

Data usage

All of the information that you provide to us will be used to develop an individual profile that is strictly reserved for your own use. We will never sell, share, or trade this information unless a court of law orders us to do so and deems it necessary and obligatory to do so. In no event will we allow access to this information.

You will receive mailers or other communications from us with promotions and marketing material or other important information concerning your account, but only if you have opted in for it. This will be the case whenever it is relevant to do so, and only if you have chosen to receive it. Session data, which may include cookies, may also be collected and stored on your computer. This data is designed to identify you as a registered user in the event that you wish to remain logged in to or that you want your system to remember your username and/or other information. Because they do not contain any personally identifying or contact information, these snippets of session data will never in any way compromise your privacy or security. The information contained in these cookies is also saved in a secure manner, and it is impossible for any outside parties to read it.

Our commitment

We will always make every effort to provide the safest and most secure system environments and protocols in order to prevent, deter, and avoid any potential or real threats and/or unauthorised parties from gaining access to the data we collect and compromising it.

Confidentiality of minors

It will not be possible for anyone under the age of 18 or under the legal age in their respective jurisdictions to register an account with or any of its sister companies or websites. If you want to successfully register an account, you must first check the boxes declaring that you are of legal age and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. After doing so, you will be able to proceed with the account registration process.

For additional details, please visit the "About us" section of our website, get in touch with us through the "Contact us" section of our website, or send us an email at [email protected].