Austrailian Celebrities That Are Known For Their Addiction to Gambling


Have you ever been out and about in Melbourne and ended up at the Crown Casino? Did you happen to notice a stray tennis player checking out the atmosphere in between matches at the Australian Open while you were there? Perhaps an American comedian is stopping in Australia to play a few hands of blackjack.

There is no doubt that the Crown Casino in Melbourne remains the most prestigious of Australia’s casino collections. However, the new Crown Sydney, which will be built atop Barangaroo on Sydney Harbour and is scheduled to open in 2021, could also be a strong contender for this title.

Casinos in Australia are not only well-known for being entertaining places to place a wager or ten, but they are also close to some incredible five-star hotels. As a result, seeing a celebrity or two while gambling there should come as no surprise.

On the other hand, there are notable Australians who are more than just casual gamblers. Some people think it’s amazing to discover their true passion and talent for gambling at casinos both online and offline, but others take it to an extreme. While some find it incredible, others take it to itstheir logical conclusion. Do you think the Australian celebrities you mentioned have a gambling problem, or are they just having fun?

Karl Stefanovic

Karl Stefanovic, who previously hosted the Today show but was famously fired from the show, has a history of refusing to take direction from others, which may have been one of the reasons the show fired him. Karl admits that he wasn’t at the top of his game when he left the company, and with a hefty salary, it’s no surprise that the network decided it was time to let him go – even if it came as a surprise to him while he was on honeymoon with his new wife. Karl admits that he wasn’t at the top of his game when he left the company a year ago.

Karl is no stranger to the Australian tabloids, having hosted the Today show while still drunk the morning after Australian television’s “night of nights,’ the Logies, a hasty divorce and marriage to a younger woman, and an allegedly “creepy” interview with Kylie Minogue. A hasty divorce and marriage to a younger woman are two other incidents.

He does, however, enjoy a good bet or two. He was seen playing the slots after leaving today, and he is a friend of Crown brand owner James Packer. In fact, in 2014, he hosted James Packer’s 40th birthday party at the Crown.

Karl is currently working on a new radio gig and is attempting to project a more positive image to the general public.

Brendan Fevola 

If we’re talking about notoriety in the Australian Football League (AFL), Brendan Fevola is unquestionably one of the top five bad boys in the league. Brendan, a former Carlton, and Brisbane player was a standout full forward on the field but was frequently involved in questionable off-field activities.

Brendan’s personal life was marred by rumors that he had cheated on Alex Cheatham with model Lara Bingle, which led to their divorce. Brendan was also accused of stealing, engaging in bar brawls (one of which took place at the Crown Casino! ), and flashing.

Fevola openly admitted to being addicted to gambling on The Footy Show in 2011. Fevola was asked to leave the Crown Casino just hours later after staff caught him at the poker tables. He was seen going about his business at the casino in Tasmania a few months after the incident at the Crown.

Brendan now co-hosts the Fifi, Fev, and Bryon breakfast radio show on Fox FM with Fifi Box. Brendan appears to have put his problems behind him, as he is working alongside Fifi.

Shane Warne

Shane Warne, a cricketer known for his larger-than-life persona, ranks tenth on our list of notable Australians who enjoy casino gambling.

Shane Warne, also known as “Warnie,” has been dubbed one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history on numerous occasions. He was even considered the best cricket player in the world at one point in his career. It wasn’t Warnie’s enormous successes on the field that made him tabloid fodder; rather, it was his off-field antics that the Australian public found amusing.

Warnie’s sexting antics were once a daily occurrence in the news, as he was involved with women from all over the world. He was photographed with his entire mouth wrapped around a schooner glass at Royal Ascot in 2013. He is best known for his relationship with Liz Hurley, during which time he changed his facial appearance dramatically and grew a significant amount of facial hair. He was also unable to quit smoking for the life of him.

Warne was famously the ambassador for Club 23 at Crown Casino Melbourne due to his penchant for the tables. He also hosted charity poker events on the gaming floor and, as seen on his Instagram account, he still has fun with other celebrities at private games.

Warnie, who is now a well-known commentator, has given up getting into trouble and now devotes the majority of his time to public appearances and spending time with his family. Even though he has changed his appearance to be slightly different and more polished than the beachy zinc-ed-up boy we first saw strut onto the pitch, he retains his Warnie cheeky humor.