Earn Money From Casino Bonuses – This Strategy Alone Generated a Profit of £20,478


To begin, you should understand that the goal of casino games is to create income for the establishment. 

Simple and straightforward

The only way to earn from casino games is to find a method that provides you an advantage and then exploit that advantage to make as much money as possible before it becomes obsolete. This article will expose the advantage that I utilize to consistently make money from casino offers, and I hope you find it useful. 

To begin, let’s go through the various methods that casinos earn cash. Use Casino Bonuses to Your Advantage to Increase Your Profits and Lower the House’s Edge As previously stated, the great majority of the casino’s games cannot be won. Casino games have been invented solely to generate cash for casinos. You may strike it rich in the near term, but the casino will always make a profit in the long run, regardless of what occurs. 

Poker is an exception to this rule, as the casino often takes a tiny share of the prize pool won by the player. In the card game poker, casino clients compete against one another, and playing poker professionally has a long history as a respected and successful job. Several well-known poker players, including Daniel Cates, Phil Ivey, Doug Polk, and many more, have proved that one may make a lot of money playing poker. 

Another famous exception to this rule is blackjack

Edward Thorp, an American mathematics professor, is credited with inventing the card counting approach, which is still used in some casinos today. Thorp’s book “Beat the Dealer: a Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One” radically changed advantage gaming. 

The book offered a mathematically proven approach for shifting the advantage away from the casino and toward the player. The majority of our time will be spent discussing online casinos. The basic concept remains the same, but we will use a different method to tip the balance of power in our favor. Taking advantage of casino bonus and cashback offers is a simple and time-tested method of profiting from online casinos. 

How to Make Money with Online Casino Bonuses and What EV Means 

The term EV is used in the area of advantage gaming. This is known as the expected value, and it is used in the process of determining the expected gain from carrying out action acting over a long period of time. A coin toss would arguably be the most useful example of this principle. 

EV is determined by a coin flip

For the sake of argument, suppose you have a friend who believes it is preferable to throw the dice with heads than tails. They are so persuaded that they are willing to pay you eleven pounds every time the coin comes up heads. You lose your bet even though you only have to pay them £10 if it comes up heads. 

As a result, you have a mathematical advantage, which is known as plus EV or positive expected value in the long run. Your odds will be 2.1 if you bet on Heads. (If the true chance is 50%, the odds should be 2.0) If you flipped the coin hundreds of times, there’s a decent possibility you’d end up with some money in your pocket. If you know how to turn the odds in your favor, you can profit from online casino bonuses. 

Let’s look at a specific example of a situation in which we can gain from visiting a casino

For this example, I’ll use a cashback offer. As a result of this bargain, I earned a 10% refund on any losses up to £20 that I incurred when playing casino games on that particular day. This is an incredible opportunity in which you can get a good return on your investment in a relatively short period of time. 

Profit from the casino’s freebies

When there is an offer like this one, I will always pick to play blackjack. This keeps the variance lower than other ways, resulting in the house having a very low edge over the player while playing blackjack with the best strategy. If you follow the finest blackjack strategy available at this casino, you can expect a 99.5 percent return to the layer. This means that we should expect to lose no more than 50 pence every hand for every £100 stacked throughout the game. Notwithstanding the fact that the findings will be presented in a random sequence This means that there is a chance of long winning or losing streaks at times. We expect that this offer will generate a profit for our organization during the course of its lifetime. 

The Best Blackjack Strategy Taking Advantage of the Offer 

The offer includes a 20% reimbursement on any losses up to £200. When I play blackjack, I employ the finest strategy possible in the hopes of either double or losing all of my money. If I succeed, I will make a profit of £200. If I lose, I will incur a loss of £180. 

To determine the value of this offer over a longer period of time, subtract the house edge from the entire amount staked. In this case, we take one pound, which is equal to half of the total investment of two hundred pounds. 

The total should then be divided by two because there is a roughly equal chance that we will win (but not receive cashback) or lose (cashback awarded.) £200 minus one equals £19 divided by two equals £9.50. In the long run, we expect this offer to generate an average profit of £9.50 for us. Given that this offer can be completed in less than five minutes, the return on investment for the time spent is quite good. 

Staking and Risk Management Concepts Applied to Casino Offerings When trying to maximize the benefits of casino bonuses and cashback, it is critical to remember that there will be times when you do not win any money. As a result, you must have a predetermined bankroll and be able to accept that you will not always be successful. There are several other betting approaches available, such as the Kelly Criterion (which suggests altering your staking depending on the size of your expected value.) 

However, it may be easier to keep track of things if you never risk more than two to three percent of your total bankroll on a single offer. As a result, you will be able to endure periods of losing. 

The quantity’s relevance 

Consider the following as an example of why it is critical to invest a considerable amount of volume into plus EV casino offers rather than viewing things in a short-term viewpoint. The table below summarizes my performance throughout the most recent 4285 offers. If you examine the graph over a longer period of time, you will observe that it has generally been rising upward, indicating that a good profit has been made. However, if you go back in time, you will note that when I initially started, I was losing money after the first 70 offers. There have been extended periods of loss or times when it has broken even, but it has always been successful. 

Low-risk promos, cashback deals, and free spins are arguably the best way to get started in the world of benefit gambling. Daily free spin offers are available at a number of bookmakers and casinos. Despite the fact that the EV for these offers is frequently between £0.5 and £1, there are numerous opportunities to take advantage of them every day. This method can help both your starting bankroll and your faith in the mathematics underlying the advantage of gambling, as it can be an effective way to build both. While also getting acclimated to the inconsistency of the results.