Here Are 7 Reasons Why a Drug Dealer Is a Better Business Owner Than You Are 


However, if you look closely at some of today’s most successful business people, you’ll notice that they all started as drug dealers. Even though drug dealers have traditionally been regarded negatively by society. Jay Z, P. Diddy, and 50 Cent all got their start in the music industry through illegal means, including drug dealing. 

According to the findings of some studies, successful business people and drug dealers are made of the same stuff. In a paper titled “Drug dealing and legitimate self-employment,” economist Rob Fairlie notes a statistical relationship between being a teen drug dealer and being an adult entrepreneur. The paper is titled “Drug dealing and legitimate self-employment.” According to Fairlie, the qualities that make an adult successful as an entrepreneur are also the qualities that make a teenager successful as a drug dealer. 

They are up against far more formidable opponents

In the business world, a competitor may attempt to undermine your success by undercutting your prices or imitating your business model. In the drug world, doing things like accidentally selling in someone else’s corner puts you and your entire family in danger of severe consequences, including the possibility of death. No entrepreneur who is just starting will ever have to deal with the challenge of resolving issues like these while also ensuring that their product continues to meet customer expectations and that their operations run smoothly. Consider the following Quora user’s account of his time working as a drug dealer: “Knives were held up as a threat to me.” When I turned around, the man had four spiked rings in his hand and was about to punch me in the face. Threats involving firearms have been made against me. I believe it is safe to say that as the founder of a startup company, you will never have a gun pointed at your head, at least not in the literal sense. 

They understand what it is like to live life on the edge

What is the WORST that could happen to you if you decide to start a business? Are you losing money? Bankruptcy? Are you making a bad name for yourself? If you’re involved in the drug trade, you’re not only at risk of dying, but you’re also at risk of being apprehended and imprisoned. When someone enters the drug trade with this reality in mind, they know they are giving their endeavor their undivided attention in the hopes of success. 

Many millennials are starting businesses today, and many of them have some kind of safety net, whether it’s their parents or a full-time job. It’s not every day that you come across something that is putting everything on the line for success. 

They are completely focused on the company’s bottom line

Those who deal in illegal drugs are only motivated by money. This is the primary reason why businesses succeed and continue to exist. 

Entrepreneurs all over the world believe that they can start a business without thinking about how they will make money in the future. This myth is reinforced by numerous reports of companies being acquired for billions of dollars despite having no revenue. During a previous interview, successful businessman Scott Gerber explained the situation as follows: 

“…I need a large enough number of people in their twenties who are willing to simply say, “I’ll figure out the financial equation later.” And I believe that way of thinking about business is the stupidest way to think about business because, in the end, less than 2% of people who start a business will ever see a dollar of real investment money.” 

It’s great to be enthusiastic about your work, but if you want your company to thrive in the long run, you must keep an eye on the bottom line. 

They understand that the product is the most important consideration

People may buy from you the first time, but if the quality of your drugs is poor or they feel taken advantage of, you will not have repeat customers unless you are willing to sell anything at any price. Because a high-quality product is the foundation of any successful business, you will need to devote significant time to perfect your offering. To quote entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis, “product speaks.” As a result, once you’ve created a high-quality product, it will market itself. 

They are skilled in people management

Freeway, a notorious drug lord When Rick Ross was at the peak of his career, he was known for managing over a thousand drug dealers and earning $2 million per day. How did he manage it? He genuinely cared about other people and was always looking for new ways to make his employees and subordinates happy. 

“…when my guys were going to prison, I would try to find the best attorney I could.” I would make every effort to get them out of jail as soon as possible and assist them with whatever they needed to get their lives back on track because that is how I would have wanted someone to assist me if I had been in their situation. 

Many entrepreneurs who are just starting have not yet mastered the concept of maintaining control of your team while also ensuring that they enjoy working with you. Consider Clinkle’s founder, Lucas Duplan: not only did he raise $30 million for his company, but he is also well known for how he treats his employees. Working for him, according to one of his former employees, was “the same as being in an abusive relationship.” 

They are adept at both sales and customer service

Let’s face it: despite the illegal nature of the drug trade, a sizable number of people are involved in it. What is it about you that distinguishes you from everyone else? Pay attention to what Freeway Rick Ross says and do as he says: 

“In the drug business, I’ve discovered that customers come to me and buy from me not only because I sell high-quality drugs, but also because they like me.” They wanted me to succeed, and when people want you to succeed, they will assist you in getting there. They wanted me to succeed. They’d rather bring their money to you because you treat them like somebody than to this other guy who will curse him out, slap them when they’re short because that other guy treats them like nobody. You should know that if my clients came to me in a pinch, I would give them some items on credit. And I believe the general public appreciated it.” 

This is the first lesson in the fundamentals of customer service. Keeping your customers satisfied is a difficult task, and I see many new businesses struggle with this. Zappos has built a formidable business empire by ensuring that excellent customer service is a priority in everything they do. 

They are creative in the marketing field

It can be difficult to allocate sufficient funds for paid advertising in the initial budget when starting a new business. When it comes to drug dealing, even if you have the financial means, you do not have the luxury of advertising your business in public. As a result, to increase their client base, they must employ more creative methods, such as conducting market research, selecting appropriate locations to sell their wares, and cultivating relationships with appropriate individuals. Lead generation is a significant challenge for many new businesses, and it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant some business owners can be on the subject.