Online Slots Strategies


Many people have approached slot machines wondering whether there is any way to improve their luck. The simple answer of course is that the slots are completely random, so no matter which machine you choose or how big or small your bet is, it all depends on whether Lady Luck is smiling upon you.

However, some players do employ certain strategies that they claim lead them to a winning combination. One of these strategies includes staying away from progressive slots. Because the jackpot is only won on a progressive slot by betting the maximum and by the symbols lining up in a certain way, these machines often don’s pay out. Though the temptation for a big jackpot may be too much too bear, the experts say that if you want to increase your chances, stay away from these machines.

Then you have the three and two coin machines. A two coin machine is usually the better bet, because you are using less money to play, and because the three-coin machine shows higher payoffs for an extra coin played. This means that if you hit the jackpot playing with two coins, you may not get as big a payout as you would with three, but your chances of winning are higher.

Some strategists also claim that it is better to play on multiple paylines. Because your chances of winning are heightened, you will also have to bet more, and this means you negate the rule previously mentioned. If you can find a two coin machine that offers you three reels and three paylines, this is the one to play, though they are doubtless very rare.

One of the best machines to play will be the one that makes use of a double up symbol. You won’t find these very often as they provide a huge payout should you happen upon the double up symbol. This double up symbol is usually also wild which means it can be substituted as any other symbol and will double your payout. This is a great machine to play if you can find it, but casinos often don’t offer it.

If anybody ever tries to tell you that they have tricks that will make you win big money on slot machines, just ignore them. Had there been any such trick, people would have utilized them already and made tons of money in the process. Both the online as well as the traditional casinos would have gone dead broke. If nothing, they would have surely come out with something to beat the system or would have withdrawn the games fast. But nothing of the sort has happened. In reality however, there are ways by which you can improve your chances of winning. But nevertheless, betting on slots could be risky and so you must be careful. To know more about this tricky topic please read on.

When to Place the Maximum Bets

To remain in a neutral (no loss/no gain) zone, bet minimum on regular slots machines so that your losses would stay at the minimum level too. Of course, your winnings would also be low in volume with this strategy. But that would be less painful when compared to the big losses from larger bets. You may consider the smaller gains as consolation prizes accorded to you for betting low. But there are occasions when you need to bet big to gain the maximum advantage. This will prove true in a few special cases. For instance, this might be the better strategy when you are betting on slots on the progressive games, the multiplier slots machines as also the multi-line, and the multi-coin machines.

With the progressive slots, you should ‘bet big’ because with each bet, the jackpot snowballs. As a result, the pay outs increase in value. If you do not place maximum bets when you are betting on slots, you stand to lose a lot. In fact, you will be paving the way for others to gain. You can easily identify the progressive machines in online betting casinos by the well illuminated sign of an ever-growing jackpot adorning the celebrated slot.

Betting On Slots – The Multiplier Slot Machines

This is also true with the multiplier machines where your initial coin immediately activates all the winning combinations. Additional coins work together to multiply your winning amounts. However, you should check the pay table before betting on slots because your best bet is linked with the straight multiplier machine where your money is doubled. When you are playing the multi-line, or the multi-coin machines, never hesitate to bet big because they permit you to go for multiple pay-lines.