Dream Cards Video Poker 


The “Dream Card” sequence can be triggered in Dream Card because of its unique extra feature, which allows players to bet an additional five coins (per line) replacement on the fifth card dealt as the hand begins. This happens anywhere from one-fourth to one-half of the time depending on the game. 

The machine selects the card that will provide the player with the best potential hand or card. The player can make adjustments to the Dream Card by using the touch screen. There are several Dream Card video poker varieties available. Double Double Bonus Poker is by far the most popular game. Among the more popular poker variations are Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe, and Deuces Wild. 

Where Can You Play Video Poker With Dream Cards? 

Initially, the Dream Card was only available at Red Rock Resort, which was the first casino to sell it. When compared to other popular types of video poker, it is currently considerably more difficult to find in certain parts of the country. It is currently available at the following casinos: 

  • Bally’s (Las Vegas) – Bellagio (Las Vegas) – Circus Circus (Las Vegas) – El Cortez (Las Vegas) – Gold Coast (Las Vegas) – Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas) – M Resort (Las Vegas) – Mirage (Las Vegas) – The Orleans (Las Vegas) (Las Vegas) 
  • Silverton – (Las Vegas) 
  • Harrah’s Casino (New Orleans, 7 Machines) 
  • Donald Trump Taj Mahal (Atlantic City, 2 Machines) 
  • The Pala Casino (California) 
  • Harrah’s Casino (California) 

How to Choose the Best Dream Card Video Poker Machine 

The difference between any two Dream Card video poker machines chosen at random is minimal. In every situation, the pay tables and the percentage of the time that the Dream Card function is triggered are the same from one machine to the next. The only differences are the games available and the denominations that can be used. 

The Machine Denominations, the Odds, and the Payouts 

The pay tables for each game’s lower-paying prizes will be in the $.05 denomination. This features Jacks or Better (7/5 chances), Bonus Poker (6/5 odds), and Double Double Bonus Poker (7/5 odds). If you play with the higher denomination of $.25, the pay table will become more generous. This includes games like Jacks or Better (8/5 chances), Bonus Poker (7/5 odds), and Double Double Bonus Poker (9/5 odds). When you play for $1, the pay table expands to include full pay tables such as 9/6 Jacks or Better, 8/5 Bonus Poker, and 9/6 Double Double Bonus. 

The number that comes first in each of the fractions above is the payout for a full house. The second number is the reward for a flush. For example, in the video poker game 9/6 Jacks or Better, the payout for a full house is nine coins for every coin placed on the hand. You’d get six coins if you got a flush. 

The proportion of Dream Cards with Features 

Depending on the game, the Dream Card function will trigger an unknown percentage of the time. Players who want to gather more Dream Cards should choose Deuces Wild over the other games. However, the variance in Deuces Wild is substantially lower than in the Bonus Poker family of games, where a Dream Card four-of-a-kind given can be the equivalent of a jackpot because it is dispersed across all hands. One of the reasons Deuces Wild is so popular is because of its low variance. When playing a video poker game, the Dream Card feature will emerge at the same rate regardless of the pay table or game denomination.

The Dream Card Success Rate as a Percentage

  • The probability of winning Deuces Wild is 59%. 
  • Hands with four Jacks or better: 50.5 percent of all hands. 
  • The Bonus Poker payout percentage is 46.7 percent. – The Double Bonus Poker hand pays out 33.7 percent of the time. 
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe: 31.3 percent – The Double Bonus Poker game pays out at a rate of 31 percent. 
  • Triple Bonus Poker, with a 27.3 percent return. 
  • Triple Double Bonus Poker, with a 27 percent return. 

Obtaining the Best Possible Return While Participating in Dream Card Play 

When playing the video poker game Dream Card, one approach for increasing your winnings is to use a player card. Through this loyalty program, a percentage of the house’s advantage is returned to the players. This might range from 0.05 percent to 0.3 percent depending on the casino. This is only one of the many advantages of possessing a casino player’s card. When you play video poker, you will receive mailers advertising free slot play and hotel stays, which can build up to considerable advantage for you over time. 

Learning the basics of the game’s strategy is also an important aspect of playing video poker. Because the ideal approach for playing Dream Card is the same as the strategy for playing the classic form of the multi-hand game, if you are already familiar with either of these games, there is nothing further to learn about them. If you are unfamiliar with the game, it is strongly advised that you study the basic strategy before entering in-game. 

Mistakes People Make When Using Dream Cards 

The first mistake people make when playing Dream Card Video Poker is not having enough money in their bankroll. Dream Card video poker players must have a large enough bankroll for the game to provide the greatest results. Each game requires twice as much money for each hand as a traditional video poker machine. Because a royal flush requires twice as much money to win, the reward for that hand is just 400 coins rather than 800 coins. This is because obtaining a royal flush costs twice as much money. 

While it is important to keep track of your bankroll, there is no reason to play at ridiculously low levels. The Dream Card’s return on investment is higher in the $.25 and $1 denominations. If your bankroll allows it, you should play at higher limits so that you can earn the greatest money. 

Always take part in the Bonus Round! 

Another common mistake that novice Dream Card players make is failing to take use of the extra feature. The majority of the lower-value denominations have an unsatisfactory pay table. There is no use in playing a Dream Card machine if you are unwilling to put an additional stake of five coins to trigger the bonus feature. You will not be able to win anything. When it comes to other games with higher pay tables accessible at the casino, there are frequently better options available.