How to Choose the Best Bonus at an Online Casino


Nowadays, almost every online casino, especially those that cater to new players, offers some sort of bonus to their customers. The vast majority of people are aware that such bonuses do not always imply guaranteed profits. However, few people are aware that casinos can occasionally offer bonuses with a positive expected value. Even fewer people are aware that these potentially lucrative opportunities exist, and even fewer know how to identify the most lucrative of these opportunities.

In this article, we will go over the most basic methods for distinguishing between a good and a great bonus offered by an online casino. But don’t get too worked up because we won’t be delving too deeply into the math behind it all. It is simple to calculate the exact value that can be expected from participating in casino promotion. Nonetheless, we will not cover this topic in this brief overview of selecting the best casino bonuses.

Which Casino Has the Best Welcome Bonus?

Some readers may mistakenly believe that the best casino bonus is the one in which they receive the most bonus cash. They would, however, be completely incorrect.

When we say “best,” we mean the option with the highest long-term profitability potential. Any casino bonus gives players the chance to win real money, though the odds are typically quite low. The likelihood of you being able to cash out any profits is significantly reduced due to several terms and conditions.

Learning the terms and conditions attached to online casino bonuses is frequently the deciding factor in which bonus you should take advantage of. As a result, we have provided a detailed explanation of each of these terms and conditions, as well as information on how to identify the best casino bonuses.

Wagering Requirements, also known as Playthrough Requirements

When comparing bonuses from various online casinos, the wagering requirements should be your priority. This is the amount of money that must be wagered in a casino before your bonus cash can be converted into real money and then withdrawn.

In most cases, the wagering requirement will be specified as a multiple of the total amount of bonus cash awarded in the terms and conditions. The clause may look like this:

Before making a withdrawal, the total bonus amount must be wagered 35 times

If you received a £10 bonus from a casino that was running a promotion that included the aforementioned condition, your total wagering requirement would be £350. This may appear to be a lot, but keep in mind that bets of any size will still count toward the wagering requirement. The betting will be completed with either 350 £1 wagers or a single £350 wager. Neither option is superior to the other.

In most cases, when comparing two different online casino bonuses, the one with the lower required wagering amount will be the superior option. The more times you have to wager the total amount of the bonus, the more likely you will lose all of your money before meeting the wagering requirements. The casino wants you to bust because they don’t want to pay out!

The Time Allowed

Casino bonuses are usually subject to a time limit. One of the clauses in the terms and conditions document will specify how long your bonus funds will be usable. Depending on the circumstances, the validity period can range from a few hours to a couple of months.

If you get a good bonus, you will have plenty of time to complete the wagering requirements. Those with fewer resources will put pressure on you to finish it quickly. When players have a longer time limit to play out their hand, they have a better chance of winning by placing smaller bets with lower variance.

When the time limit is short, players may feel compelled to increase the size of their bets, which invites more variance and increases the possibility of losing all bonus funds before the wagering requirement is met.

Eligible games

Players are not allowed to fulfill wagering requirements by playing any game they want in a casino. If they did, everyone who played blackjack would use the optimal strategy (blackjack has a very low house edge) and finish the wagering process with aan s little edge as possible for the casino. If they did, the house edge in blackjack would be much lower. If the venue suffers a substantial financial loss, it will be forced to cancel the promotion or risk going out of business.

Blackjack, which has a high return on investment, is one of the casino games whose contributions to the pot are limited. Depending on the establishment’s policy, blackjack may only count for 10% of total wagers or nothing at all. There is a chance that certain bets and even games will be restricted.

When comparing casino bonuses, keep in mind which games contribute 100% to wagering requirements. Examine the return-on-investment ratings of the games that contribute fully to the playthrough requirement. The bonus associated with higher RTP games is likely to be the most beneficial.

Restriction on Cash Out

The cash-outcash-out limit is a concept that many people are unfamiliar with. Because of the casino’s wagering requirements, winnings are usually limited to a certain amount. Following the completion of the wagering requirements, the casino will receive any bonus cash balance that exceeds the cash-out limit.

The maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn from different types of bonuses varies. For example, a bonus on a player’s deposit that uses the player’s own money may have averya very high cash-out limit. On the other hand, a no depositno-deposit bonus that does not require the player to use their own money will most likely have a very low one. This is because the casino does not want to pay out large sums of money to players who have not even made a deposit!

When comparing the bonuses provided by various online casinos, the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn should be a primary consideration. It should be self-evident, but we’ll state the obvious anyway. A good casino bonus will either not have a cap on winnings or will have a very high cap.

The Value of the Bonus

Finally, it is critical to consider the size of the bonus to some extent. If there are no other differences, a £50 bonus is preferable to a £5 bonus. Even though the wagering requirements for the £50 bonus are significantly higher than those for the £5 bonus (30 x £50 versus 30 x £5), you will have a significantly greater number of chances to win big when using the £50 bonus.

Play Wisely

There is no single factor that determines the value of a casino bonus. A good casino bonus will have a low playthrough requirement, many high RTP games that contribute 100% to wagering, a long time to complete the requirements, and a high cash-out limit (if one exists at all).

It is critical to make wise use of any bonuses you receive. This does not imply that you must be a math genius or anything. Play the game with the highest return to player percentage, which also contributes the most to wagers and is rated as having low volatility. Such information is available on the website of the software developer who was in charge of creating the various slots.

Keep the volatility low while playing through the bonus by always placing the smallest bet that will allow you to finish wagering without increasing your stakes. When you have finished placing bets on a slot machine, you must ensure that you are playing it in such a way that the game has the highest possible return to player percentage. Most of the time, this will entail selecting the maximum number of win lines while also selecting the lowest possible bet per line.

You should now have a good idea of how to spot lucrative casino bonuses. Use our advice the next time you’re thinking about joining a new online casino to increase your chances of winning. Have fun spinning!

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