What Is A Free Play Bonus?


Bonuses are quite often offered by online gaming companies to members of the public who are potential online game players in order to interest them in a game to play, or to ensure that they continue playing. There is a wide range of playing bonuses made available to players, and the free play casino bonus is just one of these options.

Gambling and gaming online is a relatively new development in Africa. It is advised that beginners try out some of the better online casinos for the best free play casino bonuses. It is usually a requirement that the player sets up an account or at the very least registers with the gaming company. Usually no money is required for registration, so players can play and win while paying absolutely no money.

Sometimes online casinos will agree to allow players to play with virtual money from the casino for a specified time, and then allow them to collect the winnings in cash, or to use the winnings to enter other games. New players bonuses also allow first time visitors to those sites to play for a specified amount of time so that they can get used to the site and enjoy the game they are playing. There are usually limits in terms of the least amount of money that one can bet on a game, to the largest amount allowable on that particular site. In all cases the terms and conditions will list these items and it is important that players understand these before they play.

Games that can be played online include all table games such as Baccarat, Pontoon, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and many others. Quite often the sites are very well designed and virtual tours can be taken through the casino and points accumulated for the free play casino bonus. The opportunity to play for free allows players to find their way around the game without having to spend any money, and to see how much money they could potentially win if they played the game with real money.